SIPCO ventured into the construction segment in 2020, by introducing a technology driven, sustainable and innovative solution for the construction industry. SIPCO established a plant in Dammam Industrial Estate for the production of Light Gauge Steel (LGS) and Light Weight concrete.

Light Gauge Steel & Light weight concrete buildings are designed using our specialist computer aided design & engineering software and manufactured by rolling or pressing steel into a semifinished or finished form. Our Building System is a combination of Light Weight Concrete (LWC) & Light Gauge Steel (LGS) resulting in a new, affordable, unique and practically tested construction model. This system yields a building structure that is energy efficient, cost effective, durable, & half in time of the conventional means.

CFS (Cold Formed Steel) construction is a design-led process, meaning that the need for skill to construct the building is more in the design stage and less so on-site. At SIPCO we utilize world leading sophisticated design and engineering software that is incredibly accurate, reducing the need for engineer involvement during the detail design, speeding up compliance, reducing engineering cost and minimizing room for error on-site.


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